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Enrollment Opens December 2023

Discover why the KIT Instructor Training Program has earned a reputation for finally delivering the RESULTS aspiring dance instructors need to Grow, Enhance, and Scale to create an Inspirational Impact: 
Learn more about how you can get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE Complete Line Dance & Partner Dance training Series + Apprenticeship Opportunities, and more!

See why the             plus students can't stop raving about the teaching that is a result of the KickStart Instructor Program.


So EASY to Learn From

I attended a weekend with Adia in Feb of 2023.  Although it was over six months ago, her straight forward and easy instructions allowed me to REMEMBER the moves and concepts easily. The ease with which she demonstrates the moves and concepts also allowed for easy implementation.

I look forward to taking more classes with her.

- Cory

It Just Took ONE Lesson!

Can we just take a minute and discuss how AHHHMAZING Adia is? We took our first dance lesson in December and after our first lesson we were already COMFORTABLE dancing.  If you are considering dance lessons I would 100% take them with Adia, you won't regret it!

- Taylore

From No Clue to CONFIDENT!

Adia is a PHENOMENAL dance instructor.  I came into the country line dance scene with NO CLUE what I was doing and after just a handful of lessons with her, my CONFIDENCE level shot through the roof.  Highly recommend Adia.

- Nic

Great Curriculum and Instruction

Adia is positive, empowering, and patient. She helps me feel at ease in every workshop and private lesson and teaches dancing in a way that is organized, digestible, and fun! She is always making a positive impact on the community with her curriculum and her personality!

Learning from Adia has not only benefited my dancing but has helped me build the life of my dreams!

Private Lesson Student and Event Attendee

Good Instruction is Essential

The instructor course is absolutely phenomenal and has a lot of details and a lot on the personal approach on how to teach line dancing, couples dancing, as well as really respecting the choreography. Positive environment, great people to work with, and great connections. 


 One thing that I really learned through the course is that good teaching is essential to make people feel comfortable.

If you wanna become a line dance or country swing instructor this is the place to be.

-Alex Cazetta
KickStart Dance Crew Member


Get ready to be inspired and discover what's possible for YOU inside KickStart Instructor Training Program

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Enrollment Opens December 2023

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