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Through curated Education and Training materials included in the KIT Course Series, experience gained from applied learning opportunities from the KIT Apprenticeship Program, and connection gains from being part of a close-knit network of instructors and industry professionals, I'm ready to help you take your LIFE and PASSIONS to the next level!



Take your love for dance from PASSION to PROFIT
in just 12 hours!

A word from Adia...

The BIGGEST MISTAKE most people make is thinking that there is someone ELSE better suited or more worthy of the thing they desire.




​And I GET IT!

Especially with social media projecting and portraying the best of everyone's experiences, it is easy to fall into that "not enough" mindset.  Even when I first started on this country dance journey, I definitely thought there were plenty of dance instructors who were way better than I could ever be, and even though I DESPERATELY wanted more people to partner dance with, I still felt as though that teaching position should be left up to the dance professionals.  Surely there wasn't room for me in this industry...OR SO I THOUGHT!


But Let ME Ask YOU...

Is every person who inspires you or provides you with a service that you LOVE and CHERISH a credentialed, diploma-carrying, title-holder with a resume up the wazoo? NO! Often times, they are normal people (like you and me) who took a chance on themselves and shared their gift with the world! And you're GRATEFUL for that, aren't you?!  The quality of the service provided and the end result is what mattered!

You Don't Need To Wait For An Invitation

To Persue your passion to teach dance


It Just Took ONE Lesson!

Can we just take a minute and discuss how AHHHMAZING Adia is? We took our first dance lesson in December and after our first lesson we were already COMFORTABLE dancing.  If you are considering dance lessons I would 100% take them with Adia, you won't regret it!

From No Clue to CONFIDENT!

- Cory

- Taylore

Adia is a PHENOMENAL dance instructor.  I came into the country line dance scene with NO CLUE what I was doing and after just a handful of lessons with her, my CONFIDENCE level shot through the roof.  Highly recommend Adia.

- Nic

I attended a weekend with Adia in Feb of 2023.  Although it was over 6 months ago, her straight forward and easy to follow instructions allowed me to REMEMBER the moves and concepts easily. The ease with which she demonstrates the moves and concepts also allowed for easy implementation.

I look forward to taking more classes with her.

So EASY to Learn From...

3 Keys to Your Success

Humility and a willingness to learn and improve

Easy to replicate processes for everything you'll encounter in the industry

A great support system and network


Dance classes are like churches. Even if there was one on EVERY corner, there still would be a need for different options to offer a place to the endless amount of people who are looking for a good fit! YOU get to be that "different option" and good fit for so many people!

But there are
already so many
instructors in my area!


I wouldn't
even know
where to begin!

I was right there with you!! That's why me and my team have created some awesome tools and step by step guides to help you get started teaching easily!

So What DOES It Take?

First of all, you have to realize that you’re worth it and YOU have what it takes! Your dreams are worth it, your own wishes are worth it, your happiness is worth it…


Whatever it takes to pursue a life that you love where you’re able to spend time around people that you enjoy, to break out of whatever shell / box / mold, you feel like you’ve been put into or forced to conform is the time to make it happen!


You gotta know that what YOU HAVE TO OFFER is insanely valuable! Even if you’re rolling your eyes at me right now… It’s true!


And guess what?! There’s only one you in the universe, and only you can fulfill the purpose that you were put here to accomplish. Only you can touch lives, make connections, build bridges, present learning, provide opportunities, and inspire others to believe in themselves, IN THE UNIQUE WAY THAT COMES FROM YOU! 

So part of "what it takes" is knowing that everything that you ultimately need to live your best life is within you…

And second...when you feel prepared, your confidence goes through the preparations!


Preparation is a big key to confidence, and I know that when I got started dancing, and ultimately instructing, there really weren’t the type of tools that I needed to be prepare and use to be THE phenomenal instructor that I wanted to be to the people who entrusted their time and dance passion to me. Think about it, if you were planning to prepare the greatest meal, you would start with the tools you needed to build that masterpiece for others to enjoy.  Without them, you may be left with only ingredients or a disaster of an attempt.





There are some amazing resources out there, but have you ever tried to search Google for a useful answer to a very specific question? You get a gazillion different websites, ads, videos, and more pulling you in every-which direction only to leave you clicking and reading and researching and clicking and reading and researching to either find a close enough answer or determine if what you found was legitimate... AND then try to use the answer as best as you can in the most successful way (which can also turn into an experiment on if the information is helpful)! 



After years of researching, planning, and adapting different techniques and methods around my desired field of interest, I can say that I've prepared my teaching methods and techniques in such a way that my confidence is higher than it’s ever been before and I want to help you get there as well…



"This way of life" is a Highway, and YOU are the vehicle that's free to explore that highway.   I’m not here to hop in the drive seat, or push you, or say that you need to re-invent the wheel… I want to GIVE you the wheel that no one ever gave me!  In fact, FOUR "wheels" from KIT: program, support, Apprenticeship, and Network!… I want to take your Google search and simplify what you’re looking for in a way that helps you be prepared to instruct with CONFIDENCE in an efficient manner.  Preparation is the fuel.  Confidence is the gas pedal.  Doubt/Fear is the brake pedal.  Without preparation, your vehicle will stay in one place...with it (especially with the preparation tools curated for you through KIT), you'll be cruisin' on a full tank from preparation and confidence pushin' the pedal to the medal on a wide open road with your dreams to guide you!!!


Adia and Gabe S.jpg


Desert Highway


Tail Light
Edge instructors.jpg



Kicktart Country_Banner_transparent_gold and garnett.png
KIT Program and Badges.png

DETAILED PROCESSES to plan and structure your lessons, from one-on-one private lessons to teaching thousands at a music festival.


BEST STRATEGIES you can easily implement to keep your students coming back and wanting more from YOU as their favorite instructor.


STEP BY STEP GUIDES that show how to build your following so that wherever you go, the dance floor will be full of students and dancers excited to share the floor with you.


A MASSIVE list of resources so you can find answers in one spot and

have a strong starting point for getting started.


DEMONSTRATIONS & TUTORIALS of "start here" line dances and partner dance moves so you have all the tools you need to start next week! 


Line Dance Training

We share best practices and retention strategies for how to plan your line dance lessons and teach various level line dances in an intentional way that allows your students to feel comfortable with the moves and to dance enthusiastically versus sitting on the sidelines watching.

Partner Dance Training

We break down how to teach partner dancing in a simple way from both the lead and follow perspectives so that anyone can confidently teach and answer questions so that their students want to keep learning and are eager to come back for more lessons and more fun!

Through our program, you will be inspired to BE the instructor YOU WANT to take lessons from.

Learn everything you need to know to be a sought-after instructor!

Start building an audience that will follow you wherever you go!

Become empowered, organized, and compensated for doing what
you love!

Great Curriculum and Instruction

Adia is positive, empowering, and patient. She helps me feel at ease in every workshop and private lesson and teaches dancing in a way that is organized, digestible, and fun! She is always making a positive impact on the community with her curriculum and her personality!

Learning from Adia has not only benefited my dancing but has helped me build the life of my dreams!

Private Lesson Student and Event Attendee

Good Instruction is Essential

The instructor course is absolutely phenomenal and has a lot of details and a lot on the personal approach on how to teach line dancing, couples dancing, as well as really respecting the choreography. Positive environment, great people to work with, and great connections. 


 One thing that I really learned through the course is that good teaching is essential to make people feel comfortable.

If you wanna become a line dance or country swing instructor this is the place to be.

KickStart Dance Crew Member

Website Icons.png
Website Icons.png
Website Icons.png
Website Icons.png

You'll Discover

OUR UNIQUE APPROACH to creating demand for your talent to be a saught-after instructor!

HOW VITAL it is to learn about building an audience that will follow you wherever you go!

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT how to generate an income you can live on.

THE ART OF understanding key processes to guarantee customer retention.

and more...


What Makes This Program Unique?

The KickStart Instructor Training (KIT) Program aims to empower individuals with knowledge, training, and resources to become impactful dance instructors that make a positive contribution to the dancing community.  The KIT Program was created to fill the need for knowledgeable and experienced dance instructors by providing up-to-date educational courses and training for all instructional levels, creating opportunities for instructor growth through an Apprenticeship Program, and paving a supportive path to a credentialed career in dance instruction.  

Program Pillars (2).png


The KIT Program offers 2 comprehensive, educational training series: Line Dance Instructor Training and Partner Dance Instructor Training.  Each Series is made up of sequential courses that are broken down into digestible lessons with numerous resources.  These lessons are filled with best practices and key fundamentals of dance AND adult instruction that provide a solid foundation for a successful instructor career.

-Taren Wilhelm

Curriculum Curator


Self-Paced Online Instruction

We provide comprehensive educational content with resources and downloads to explore topics in more depth with regards to meaning, purpose, considerations, and best practices for instruction.

*Instructor-led Presentations with downloadable slides and coinciding workbooks

In-Person Workshops

These provide immediate tools to get you started on your path to instruction with focused training material and constructive practice.

*Available year-round across the USA

Clear Layout Of Curriculum

These provide a path to becoming a credentialed KickStart (Line and/or Partner) Dance Instructor.

*quarterly updates so you stay up-to-date on the latest information

Lifetime Access

With lifetime access to course updates for continuous reference and use, you’ll wish you could’ve started with this training series years ago! 

*Available 24/7

PD101 to 103 Career Kickstart_Course & Lesson Navigation.png



KIT Apprenticeship Program Icon Graphic_

Growth and confidence in instruction starts with education and flourishes with experience.  The KIT Apprenticeship Program serves to provide opportunities for instructors to gain invaluable industry experience by applying concepts learned in training to real world dance environments alongside industry professionals. Through these apprenticeship roles, Instructors can receive direct feedback and build confidence faster through experience and guidance.  Participation in the KIT Apprenticeship Program is immediately available upon any course/workshop completion.

Edge instructors.jpg

Certification is awarded to those who complete a full instructor training series (including the quizzes with each lesson), participate in at least one role within the KIT Apprenticeship Program, and demonstration of the related program material for the certification.  Upon receiving certification, those individuals will be recognized and endorsed as KickStart Credentialed Instructors within the KIT National Network of Instructors.


With the overall goal of making a positive contribution to the dancing community, the KickStart National Network of Instructors serves to mentor other instructors as well as fill the need for knowledgeable dance instruction in our communities. 

Our education-based training and interactive-focused guidance (with ongoing Apprenticeship support), we hope to raise the bar on what it means to be a KickStart Credentialed Dance Instructor and set an industry standard of Instructor service.


In our Career Kickstart course, you will receive the essentials and fundamentals to start your career as a dance instructor. PD-101 includes a broad-based foundation of how to teach the roles of leads and follows, connection between partners, safety awareness, body mechanics, best practices for instruction, introduction to music genres, dance selections, dance styles and footwork, and more!  Each lesson is designed with the intent to learn the move and practice it to become comfortable TEACHING it to BOTH leads and follows, confidently.

But I don't
have dance training
a partner to
practice with!


I don't know
who wants to
pay for lessons!

That's a totally understandable thought! The reality is that hundreds of people IN YOUR AREA are willing to pay for the RIGHT instructor that connects with them!  They are waiting for you! They just need to hear about it, and we are going to show you how to get in touch with the dancers who are willing to pay for quality instruction.

Through our training series you will even learn some BEST PRACTICES for creating workshops, hosting high energy competitions, and booking private events which can be some of the EASIEST and most fun ways to make a lot of money as an instructor.  

The HUGE MISCONCEPTION most people have is THINKING that every instructor needs to be a professional.  

I get it.  Lots of people assume that you have to be a professional or have studied or have extensive dance training in order to instruct. So it's easy to let that belief stop you.

WHY SHOULD YOU REJECT THE ASSUMPTION? Because it can not only prohibit you from pursuing your dreams, but there are people who are WAITING for someone like you to have an impact on their life who will never experience the amazing dance space you can provide because you are restricted by a limiting belief.  


Many dance instructors begin WHERE THEY ARE, whether or not they have gone through ANY training. 

And that's commendable! That's how I started myself! Every professional was once a beginner, and every journey starts with the first step!


THOSE THAT STAY BOUND BY AN ASSUMPTION ARE MISSING OUT on earning potentials and enjoyable experiences because they are stuck behind a self-imposed wall.  For those that are able to leave the limiting thought behind but are barely making progress, they are stuck in a similar limitation still because they are spinning their wheels trying to find the right tools to become a SOUGHT AFTER (aka highly booked) instructor!

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, they think that teaching at a Country Bar, studio, or dance hall is the ONLY way to generate income as an instructor... and when they realize the pay is $50-75 PER NIGHT, they wonder how this will ever become more than a hobby that simply covers your gas and a drink for the night.

Did you know that well-informed and highly sought-after instructors make between $200-$550 (on the low end) PER CLASS and can also make between $75-$120 PER HOUR on private lessons...and the best part is


Why?...Think of this: What is your HAPPINESSGOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LOVED ONE, and peace of mind WORTH? Ever pay for the toll lane on the highway just to avoid traffic? Does a dance date with your girlfriends or significant other sound like its worth $30/per person?


And that's what you are doing! You are providing an experience, an opportunity for joy, laughter, camaraderie, community, and an ESCAPE

So what if YOU were a highly SOUGHT AFTER instructor who made people excited for each lesson and to share what you provide with their could be making upwards of $2,000 - 6,000 PER MONTH 

I am here to teach YOU

how to become that instructor.

This is your chance to learn from me as well as a whole TEAM of successful dance instructors.  We have combined advice from years of experience with best practices from INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS all together in ONE program so that you can SKY-ROCKET your learning curve without countless hours of internet searching or reinventing the wheel.

You Get To Keep Everything You'll Learn About How to Be

a Highly Paid and Sought After Instructor


Your investment in the program earns you LIFETIME updates so you can stay up to date with industry practices and get even more guidance and inspiration for continuing to strengthen and expand your skillset as a dance instructor!

Leave limiting thoughts behind...



Just 2 Installments of $297
(Your first payment of $297 today will get you access to your choice of:
the Line or Partner Dance Instructor Training Series)

SAVE $97 off the full program series price when you pay now in full!

Credit card payment icons_edited.png
Leslie Perez.JPG
Good networking after a class wasn't modeled for me by the instructors I'd taken from.  Adia's advice on not only how to connect with more people, but also how to offer them what they were looking for with her retention methods TRIPLED my income almost instantly! There are so many great tips inside this training; with that ONE, alone, I got an instant return on my investment! 
Norco CA

I Got an Instant Return on my Investment!

The ALL OUT Guarantee
That Lets You Sleep Easily At Night!

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know giving your Dance Instruction a makeover will help improve all areas of your business, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt...hesitation...risk. I get it. Like…

"This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this is really what I need?”


Well… that’s simple. Try it.

Guarantee #1
Test-Drive The Program for 30 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program. If for whatever reason… and I mean ANY reason… if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made into upleveling your instruction practices, simply email Taren at and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked!

Website Icons (1)_edited.png

After you pass your initial 30 days of being blown away by what we've put together to uplevel your Dance Instruction, I’ll give you an additional 11 months to put the training into action. If you do not see any positive results from this training, simply show us that you’ve done the work.  And if it ain’t working... we’ll refund your investment! 


Why would I do this??? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And I’m so convinced of how effective this is, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in this training.  

Guarantee #2
365 Days to Get Results!

365 day moneyback guarentee_edited.png

I've Got More For Ya!

 When You Enroll You'll Get
(Valued at $2,385)
Designed to Speed Up & Simplify Your
Glow Up Instructor Status!



Throughout the year, there are lots of KIT-VIP opportunities to get FREE registration and upgrades for select classes and products at different KickStart Country Events as well as a 20% discount on any future KickStart Country Training courses.

Additionally, KIT-VIPs receive $50 in KIT-BUCKS when they refer another instructor to the training!


On Average, KIT-VIPs
can save $550/year in
bonuses and upgrades!

Website Icons (3).png

ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Session

We know that one of the best ways to improve is to get hands-on coaching from others in the industry! We are excited to provide you with a One-On-One coaching session (in person or online) to spend the time working on anything you'd like to see GROW!

Additionally, our network of Mentors throughout the USA are offering special KIT Student-pricing for a set amount of private lessons!

Trevor and Phil.jpg
Website Icons (3).png

KIT Mentors are STOKED about the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and platform to offer guidance to KIT Instructor Program students around the USA!


We love to support our instructors however we can.  So as a special BONUS for you, we are offering you a PRO-FEEDBACK SESSION where you can send in a 30-60 minute video of your class instruction, and one of our pros will give you feedback on making it even more amazing!

Workshop students sitting.jpg
Website Icons (3).png

KIT classroom feedback is a powerful tool to immediately implement changes that can lead to booking additional gigs from your current lessons!



We are excited to be hosting LIVE CALLS throughout the quarter releases of the program as a BONUS for our KIT Students.  During these calls, we will not only go over keynotes from the curriculum and open the floor for Q&A, but we will also have discussions with industry professionals with years of experience and successful careers.  These conversations alone provide an immediate return on investment from the wealth of knowledge and expertise and opportunity to connect further!

And YAY!!! These calls will be recorded so that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you'll always have access to these conversations... FOR LIFE!

Copy of 1-24.jpg

Our All-Star Line up includes industry professionals from all facets of the dance community: from various dance style instructors to dance champions, Country DJs, Event Directors, Social Media masters, and more!

Website Icons (3).png


When you invest in both the Line Dance Instructor Training Series AND the Partner Dance Instructor Training Series, you will receive 50% discount on the second series! 

PLUS, as a token of our excitement that you've chosen to go All Out, we will send you your very own "All Out Dance" shirt from the @AdiaDance collection!

Website Icons (3).png

Instructors who are able to teach both line and partner dancing can MORE than double their income and IMPACT on the dance community!



When you join KICKSTART INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAM, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to BEGIN or ENHANCE the best darn teaching career you could ever dream of! You'll get SOOOO much value including...


Tools, Support, and Retention Strategies every business owner needs to create a sustainable dance career that feels so good to live out!


Templates, Exercises, & Examples for each section of your training to best equip you with the tools you need to not re-create the wheel!


My Complete Video Training (with over 20 Training videos), Outlines, and Resources so you can increase lesson attendance, convert interest to private lessons, and implement tips and best practices from industry professionals to keep your students coming back for more.

Building Block Tutorials for Instruction that break down key elements of moves from various perspectives so you can see ways to share instructor tips and learn HOW to effectively teach and set your students up for success.


Best Performing Beginning Line Dance Tutorials to generate the quickest income and the MOST success in your students.

LIVE Coaching Conversations Plus KIT-VIP status for life.


And much, much more!



Just 2 Installments of $297
(Your first payment of $297 today will get you access to your choice of:

Line Dance Instructor Trianing Series or Partner Dance Instructor Training Series)

SAVE $97 When You Pay in Full for an instructor training program series!

Credit card payment icons_edited.png

You're Going to Love Your Results


Everything Flowed Perfectly!

Our experience with Adia and Russ was amazing! They came to our house and taught us our first dance for our wedding.  Customized and personalized our dance and matched it really well to the song.  Adia and Russ broke everything down and made it easy for even my husband who has two left feet! Everything flowed perfectly and we looked awesome on the dance floor at our wedding reception.  They are the sweetest dance teachers and really care. Thanks a million Adia and Russ!

-Heather Patel
Wedding Choreography Student 

We Can't Wait for Our Next Lesson!

We had a great time learning Country Swing in a three-session series with Adia.  It was a lot of fun, and we could see big improvements between each lesson we took from her.  She also gave us video recaps and filmed us dancing, which were really helpful to see.  Adia is knowledgable, kind, and a clear, creative instructor who adjusts to her student's needs.  Can't wait for our next lesson!

-Jason and Laura
Private Lesson Students




What makes the students who have taken this course so successful?

If I am just getting started and I don't yet have a teaching gig, is this program good for me?

I don't have a big email list or following, will this program still benefit me?

I'm not the best dancer, will this program help me become a better dancer?

How much time will it take to complete the program?

I don't have a partner to teach partner dance with, am I still able to build partner dance clientele?

Aaron and Adia Lean.jpg

No one has asked to hire to teach, will this program help me gain experience so I will be a saught-after instructor?

What can I expect when I enroll in the KickStart Instructor Training Program?

If I don't like the program, can I get a refund?

How long do I have to access this program and all the materials?

What is the certification you get from the immersive workshops?

How can I get added to the KickStart Network of Instructors?



Just 2 Installments of $297
(Your first payment of $297 today will get you access to your choice of:

Line Dance Instructor Trianing Series or Partner Dance Instructor Training Series)

SAVE $97 When You Pay in Full for an instructor training program series!

Credit card payment icons_edited.png

I am so excited for you to get started!

Disclaimer: Program materials created for use in this training are original or sourced and credited where applicable, similarities to previously published material is coincidental.


Materials used in connection with this course may be subject to copyright protection. Materials may include, but are not limited to: documents, slides, images, audio, and video. Materials in this course Web site are only for the use of students enrolled in this course and for purposes associated with this course. Unauthorized retention, duplication, distribution, or modification of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited by law.


All parties who receive this material should consult with experts or professionals before making major life decisions based on the information published in the program.


With regards to suggested materials, the KIT Program Team Members cannot vouch for the absoluteness of suggestions. Use discretion before utilizing any product, service, or recommendation.


The KIT training program provides information and discussion about how to be a dance instructor and related subjects, references, and resources. The words or other content provided in this training or any linked materials are not intended and should not be construed as an endorsement or as business, financial, or legal advice or expressed opinions of the KIT training program. If the reader or any other person has a business, financial, or legal concern, he or she should consult with an appropriately-licensed professional.

See You On A Dance Floor Soon!

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